Turn a photo into a work of art


Where to begin?

Years ago, there was a boy and a girl, and they were in a high school play called “No Exit”. The play was a little over their heads at the time, but no bother, the boy asked the girl on a date and she said yes. What date? Oh that’s right – Shanghai Knights and a stroll around the local Toys-R-Us. A real romancer, what can I say? But I digress.

Years later, the couple find themselves married with college diplomas and no jobs. Well, ok, jobs, but not the jobs with all of the glamour and glitter dreamt of during long university days. It was 2008 – and the economy had melted.

“If we can’t stop Christmas from coming, then we’ll steal it!” the boy said.

…wait, that was the Grinch.

“If we can’t find jobs, we’ll MAKE jobs!” the boy said (that’s probably more accurate).

And thus Tower Studios was born.

But this isn’t the story of Tower Studios, of course, you are looking to hear about the Photo Booths company. A photo booth company of a certain “Nerdy” variety.

Photo Booth Saint Louis Champion

Saint Charles Photo Booth Time Lord

“I love working with Brides on their wedding day, and filming things, and working hard, and being awesome, and taking pictures, and stuff!” said the girl after a few years of working at Tower Studios. “We should do more cool things!”

“Right we should,” said the boy.

And Nerdy Photo Booths was born.

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